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Is it Clean You Ask?

All of our products are extremely clean. We thoroughly clean and sanitize all of our equipment using natural, paraben and sulfate free, and chemical free cleaners. All laundered items are cleaned using die, fragrant and perfume free detergents. After the cleaning process, they are stored in air tight containers and bags to assure they stay that way. If I didn't trust the cleanliness enough to let my own baby to eat, sleep or play on it, then I definitely wouldn't let yours! 

How This All Works:

You place the reservation online and choose whether you would like it delivered directly to you or if you'll be picking it up. For an extra fee, we will deliver within 15 miles of downtown Fort Collins. If delivered, we will take it to your lodging and set it all up for you. That way when you arrive everything will be in place and ready to go! Maybe you are staying outside of our delivery area? No problem, you can pick it up directly from us and take it to your destination, then bring it back when your visit comes to an end.

About Us:

Northern Colorado Baby Equipment Rental is a

family owned and operated business. My husband and

I have 2 children and we enjoy traveling together,

and try to do it as much as possible. We found

it extremely difficult to lug everything we needed for the kids

along with us on our trips. We ran across a company in Maui that rented baby equipment, and it all started from there! We then realized there were many of these companies all over the country, and started using them wherever we went, but found there were none in our area! We are both Fort Collins natives and we feel very blessed to live in such an amazing place. We want everyone that visits to enjoy it as much as we do, and what better way than to relieve one of the biggest stresses about traveling with young kiddos?!  

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