Minimum Rental Charge

We have a minimum rental charge of $20.00

Lost or Damaged Item Fee - ?

You will be charged the cost to replace the item with a similar brand or model, whatever that might be.

10% off discount for all active military

10% off for families with twins or triplets

No Show Fee - $25.00

If you say you will drop-off or pick-up at a certain time, and do not show up, you will have to pay for it! We know timing usually revolves around the kiddos and plans tend to change. If something changes, just call ahead of time and let us know.

Fees and Extras



Delivery Fee - $35.00

Delivery and pick-up within 20 miles of Downtown Fort Collins

*Additional $15 fee added on for outside of delivery range

Diapers, Wipes, Formula Delivery

You will only be charged the actual cost of the items, as well as a small $5.00 store trip fee.

Additional Delivery Fee - $20.00

Need an additional delivery of an item you forgot to order, or figure out you need something after you've already arrived? No, problem. You will be charged a one time flat one-way delivery fee, plus the cost of the item(s).

Northern Colorado Baby Equipment Rental, LLC.

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